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I got into this trade because I’m a logophile.

I love the heft of words that feel just right, the heat that softens them into possibilities. I love the clang of each hammer fall giving purpose to their forms and the rasp of each wire-brush stroke smoothing out their final details.

It’s why I keep doing what I do.

It’s also the reason you know I’ll work hard to bring out the best in your vision.

How I can help you

I help growing companies and organizations tell their story, whether that’s in business, sustainability, personal finance, or productivity.

If these are your areas, I’m the freelance writer who will hone your ideas and strengthen your brand.

I do that by focusing on these results that build up your online image and client trust:

What you’ll get working with me

My priorities are first to you, the client, and then the audience you’d like to reach. By staying true to the source and destination of a message, it’s straightforward to find the most effective way to deliver it.

Throughout the project, I’ll communicate regularly with you so we can work as a team to hit all your key points and give an edge to your marketing or branding strategy.

What sets me apart is I’m a creative writer at heart. Much of that comes from my pastime of writing fiction, but it also says a lot about what I do best:

I tell stories people want to be part of.

And that’s the greatest value I bring as the wordsmith trusted with giving shape to your story.

I look forward to us creating remarkable pieces together.