Custom-crafted stories banner for Winluck Wong, New Brunswick Freelance Writer

I got into this trade because I’m a logophile.

I love the heft of words that feel just right and the heat that softens them into possibilities. I love the hammer clangs giving purpose to their forms and the rasping brush smoothing out their final details.

It’s why I keep doing what I do.

It’s also the reason you know I’ll value the work that goes into bringing your vision to life.

How I can help you grow

I help growing companies and organizations tell their story.

I specialize in looking after all the words in website refreshes, product launches, and community building.

If you have something else in mind, I can also hone your ideas and strengthen your brand with the following:

Focus on these results and you’ll inspire a community to grow around you and what you represent.

Crafting the shape for your story

What matters in the end is finding the right words to captivate the right people to your story.

And that is what I do best:

I tell stories people want to be part of.

Since all good stories depend on a solid outline, let’s start with that!

I have a free worksheet that walks you through designing your blueprint for a brand strong enough to withstand what the future brings.

What you get in the end is your custom outline for the story you want to tell about your brand. From there, I’ll understand your hopes for the next chapter so I can better be the wordsmith you trust to give shape to it.

Ready to tell your story?