Last Dance

Dancing under lantern photo for "Last Dance" poem by New Brunswick poet, Winluck Wong
The first note marked our first move,
Every step predetermined by memories
Layered upon muscles
We coaxed into liquid form.
And how we flowed!
You glided right
Where I stood a chance
To carry you away
From gravity’s heavy hand
As we pushed off the downbeat.
We spun as one,
Folding into the familiar
Heat of each other’s rhythm;
Holding onto the synchronous
Need to stay together. 
Just keep the vamp going
And we’ll pretend we don’t feel
The chords that drag us to the bridge
I dreaded and you’d accepted.
But what if we just don’t cross?
We’re happy here on this side,
Are we not?
You nodded,
Taking my hand
As we turned to face the chorus.
And when they swept over us,
I felt you let go,
Their refrain far stronger
Than anything I could say
For you to remain in my embrace,
Swaying together in a song
That was fading all along.

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