Moving lights photo for "Worrier" poem by Winluck Wong, New-Brunswick-based freelance writer
Vaulting over the shield wall of evidence,
I land with a crouch on the other side of reason.
My sword draws an unstoppable path
From sheath through the legs of logic behind me.
As reality collapses, I sprint toward the archer line
About to unleash a hail of facts.
Raising my shield and an extra burst of speed,
I launch myself along the dew-strewn grass.
At the peak of my sliding momentum, 
I leap up to smash past the regrouping archers
While the whirling arc of my sword
Ensures they can never again nock another arrow.
The ground trembles as the cavalry of sense
Circles back to face me.
“Yield!” they shout. “There’s nothing you can do.”
I charge forward. No spoken word is needed.
For they can hear in their minds
The war cry thundering from my eyes:
They clutch at their heads as the present shatters
And a thousand futures come flooding in.

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