Haines photo for "Dawn" poem by fiction writer, Winluck Wong, based in New Brunswick
Dawn shed her red dress
For a ray of hope,
A day of infinite possibilities
Within the finite optimism
Of knowing the beyond
Before seeing the horizon.
She beckoned with the same hand
That smoothed down the blue sheets,
A teasing glimpse of the distance
That’s not quite out of reach.
The white curtains strained in the warm breeze,
Concealing yet revealing
The temporal curves she’ll hold on to
For the one person who’ll come away with her
To the other side of a moment lived.
She stepped closer
And her smile faltered
At the sight of eyes focused solely on the window,
Framing a docked status
Anchored to false omniscience.
And when those eyes finally deigned to look for her,
She’d moved on.

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