Haines photo for "Lakeside" poem by New Brunswick writer, Winluck Wong
Just one glimpse
Of me is all I ask.
A second of your time
In exchange for my past.
There, do you see it?
A ripple halfway across.
It’s a sign
That there’s life beneath the frost.
No, wait, there’s more!
Step closer and I swear
You’ll hear the mirth
I’ve stored away somewhere.
It’s over here. Or maybe further down.
I really wasn’t lying.
Please! Don’t go.
Can’t you see I’m trying?
I’ll reveal my depths
If you’ll help lift the mist
I’d forgotten
Had become my surface.
Just sit with me.
In silence even, if you want.
Know me for who I am
So I don’t vanish when you’re gone.

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